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I've been doing public speaking at developer events, developer workshops, training, hackathons and coding competitions as long as I bother to remember :-)

I thoroughly enjoy to get to play and talk about code - and I always try to spice it up with enough geeky humor and crazy projects to keep the audience entertained as well as inspired.

In the Episerver developer community we've had a returning event at most of the bigger meetups called 'CodeMania' where I've usually been joined on stage with one of several star developers to spend an hour having fun with code - borderlining between the educational and slapstick developer humor.

Reach out if you want me to come by and spend a day or a week on a workshop with your developers, if you are gathering speakers for a tech event - or if you are looking for someone to throw a fun and educational Coding competition for your devs. I'd love to hear from you!

Relevant Blog Posts


Ascend 2019: Code Mania

Yesterday, I had the honor and pleasure of giving the traditional Code Mania demo at Episerver Ascend 2019 in Miami together with Fredrik Haglund. After popular demand, here is a blog post about some of the components we showed.


Getting started with Contentful UI Extensions - Part 3

Sidebar extensions is a great way to add tools, widgets and integrations to editors, without relying on a specific field. In this post I'll explore them a little, and also test out how much crazy stuff we can actually do with the javascript SDK.


Getting started with Contentful UI Extensions - part 2

In this post, I'll show how to make a field editor that will let you have any kind of syntax highlighted code in a long text field, as well as taking a look at command line interface (CLI) and Github distribution.


Getting started with Contentful UI Extensions - Part 1

Contentful has a handful of extension points, where you in a fairly straightforward and simple manner can extend the editorial experience with minimal development effort. In this post-series I'll show some examples of this.


Heading to Helsinki Dev Meetup

Thursday, November 8th I'm really excited to once again have been invited to join the Episerver Developer Meetup in Helsinki!


Webcast: Addons In Real Life @ CodeArt

Last week I did a couple of talks at Episerver User Group meetings in Denmark about how I've tweaked my Episerver installation at in order to work as a great blogging platform. I also showcase a few of the addons I'm currently working on. Now I recorded the talk, so if you have a 23 minutes to spare, then grab a coffee and make some popcorn and have a look.