DB Account gets locked out


I recently noticed that sometimes when I’m running CMS 6 in my development environment against SQL Server 2008 my database user account tends to get locked out every once in a while. Puzzled as to what was going on, I looked into it a little. Google came to the rescue – and it seems like the default setting in SQL Server 2008 to validate against password policies sometimes can have this effect.

So – short story here – if you see exceptions about your database user being locked out – and if you are running SQL Server 2008 – try to remove the checkbox in “Enforce password policy”.


Now, you might be thinking “Great, I’ll just do that – now where’s my SQL Server Management Studio” – you might notice another annoying detail about SQL Server 2008: Management studio is a pain to install. At least if you go the old fashioned route. The trick is to use the Web Installer platform.

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