About us

Without a good online presence, your business will go nowhere. CodeArt helps you and your company reach new levels through website solutions, product integration, strategy development, general advice, content, graphic design and everything in between. We combine technical and strategic aspects with content and design to create the best possible platform for you to communicate with your customers and potential customers.

An expansion of your team

Companies often use big consultancy firms or full-service agencies to set up their whole online presence. If you do as well, you might have experienced how some things seem to take forever.

The big agencies are excellent at setting up a big framework, but when the daily operations begin, there is often a lack of contact and commitment. The important on-going tasks which make everything run smoothly and elegantly are simply not their priority.

CodeArt was founded with the intention to be the agency that makes your daily life easier. We take responsibility and engage ourselves in your online presence and become a part of the journey. We customize our services to fit the development of your company’s needs whether you need new functions, solutions, expansions, advice or a whole new setup and strategy.

Our mission

CodeArt is a collaboration of digital experts, who are always curious and engaged in creating the very best online experiences. With experts in technology, strategy, programming, integrations, content and design, CodeArt is able to provide you with an all-around service.

CodeArt was founded by Allan Thraen, a Episerver expert with many years of experience. His goal was to create an agency with all the advantages from a big consultant house but with the contact and engagement from having a small and tightly connected team.

3 reasons to work with CodeArt:

- We are there when you need us;
- We can deliver a full-service experience;
- We are leaders in Episerver solutions;

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