Website Service Check

What are your priorities for your website improvements? What should they be? What's the cheapest way to achieve higher conversion or happier editors?

One of the things we enjoy doing is when we are asked to do a service check on an Episerver web site. It's always fun and exciting to see how a company uses Episerver and understand the business needs they are trying to solve - as well as the future needs. And come with our ideas on how they can approach the issues - seen with fresh eyes and a deep knowledge about how other clients are using Episerver and which addons and products that are available.

Typically this will be on-site, but can also be done remotely. Often we'll spend 2 days. The first day getting an overview of the site - both from an editorial and developer perspective - and the second making recommendations and demoing approaches you could benefit from. Often we spot many smaller things that can be solved right away. In other cases we can recommend what actions you should take - and discuss the approach with your developers - or even make a plan where we help you implement the improvements.

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