Online Success Subscriptions

Get a permanent contract where we'll assign a certain amount of hours each month to guide, help, support and assist your team in evolving your online presence.

The web isn't static, neither should your website be. At CodeArt we don't see a website as a one-time project, rather we see it as a constant, living entity that should continously be tweaked and improved. 

This goes both for the technology, the strategy, the design and the content. And we are happy to help. We work with many different companies that subscribe to our help on a monthly or quarterly basis. Typically we'll have a mutual commitment of 2-4 days a month, that we'll dedicate to both inspire, help and implement improvements to the online presence. We have expert competencies around the Episerver platform and addons (we have developed several of them) as well as website design, strategy, online video creation, online branding, SEO optimization, content creation and much, much more - and the subscribed hours can be used towards any of our services. 

Think of it as having a part-time expert on staff - that can easily call in other field experts if different competencies are needed.

And should the sudden need arise for more hours, we are usually capable of clearing room and handle urgent requests on top of the subscribed hours as well.

Many larger online agencies are focused on building new complete projects - and often do a great job with it. We specialize in a more permanent constant evolution of what you have - and should the need arise for a larger project to be completed we have good experience working as the customer advisor and representative with other agencies, ensuring that the final result will be a great foundation for future evolution.

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