Starting out on my own


September 1 2018, I'm starting a new chapter in my life - as a freelancer in my own company

I guess it's always a little bit scary to start a new chapter in your life - and especially when that chapter includes sailing through unchartered waters. But it felt like now was the right time to do it.

In todays IT industry I guess the 10 years I've spent @ Episerver is closing in on a life time - and even though I'm still passionate about all the great products coming out of Epi, I'm also excited to try something new in my life.

Over the summer I have been doing a lot of preparations, from setting up the company, figuring out how to do the necessary book-keeping, setting up Office365, setting up new laptop and of course building this site.

My ambitions with the company - besides working with some great people and helping my clients build exciting projects - is to build a range of smaller products - often add-ons, integrations and online services - that I can take to market, which will hopefully make some peoples lifes a little bit easier. In order to achieve this, I've decided as a rule-of-thumb to only book myself for 4 day work weeks, keeping 20% time for product development, business development and blogging.

I'm starting off running, with the calendar booked for the first 2 months (4-day weeks) - but after that I still have some room, so don't hesitate to reach out if you think I'd be a good fit for your project! 

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