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Episerver Insight and the Profile store are powerful tools. But to make them even more powerful, we @ CodeArt have been developing a few tools to make them easier to work with. Here is the first one.

The Profile Store in Episerver is a really cool service - with a lot of potential. Sadly, the current UX (although it is rapidly improving) doesn't do it justice.

For example, there is no easy UI way to build up customized searches in profiles or events - nor is there even a way to view, add or modify custom data added to any profiles or events. And you are pretty much left having to do it all against a REST API.

So, since we (mainly myself and my colleague Kseniia Zar  needed it ourselves we decided to create a simple HTML+Javascript tool that would provide us with a user experience based on the public REST APIs which gave us a lot more power and options.

It was essential to us to create it as pure HTML+JS - so you can run it yourself - and no data with sensitive personable identifiyable information has to reach our servers. All connection strings are stored in your browsers local storage.

Note: Recently a lot of cool new Profile Store functionality was introduced - among other things KQL. We aim to support that in a future version - but currently we work against v1.0 of the API.

Here's what you can do:

View and do  custom searches against profiles, events and segments using oData like syntax (as seen above).


Use a query builder if you are not comfortable writing the queries manually.

Edit profiles and segments manually, view events (they are immutable by nature). This is an easy way to add custom data!


Delete profiles - if you want to clean up your test efforts! Note that deleting a profile automatically deletes all linked events.

Turn profile queries into segments - so you can actually start to have really useful segmentation. Remember, the manual queries can also go towards custom data.


And of course we support storing multiple sets of endpoint+keys and let you easily change between them.



"When can I try out this awesome tool?"

It's still in beta, but you'll find it available right here:


The plan is to make the Github Repo public soon as well and take contributions as well as issue reporting. Leave a comment or drop me a mail if you are interested in contributing!


What's next?

Coming up soon is a full .NET SDK for the profile store, including a CLI that'll let you do cool stuff like import & export profiles, copy them between instances and much, much more. 

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