Secret debug tools in Optimizely CMS 12

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Secret treasures are always fun. And when I was examining the endpoint list from my previous post, I noticed a few hints that I couldn't leave unexplored. It turns out that just as the previous versions, Optimizely CMS 12 comes with a couple of hidden debug gems.

There is a DebugController with a few, but pretty useful listings included out-of-the-box in the CMS. However, in order to see them your user has to be "Administrators". Now, with the default IdentityProviders and not so many out-of-the-box VirtualRoles, that's not what my user was, but since it's just a string check on roles, it was easily fixed by creating a group in Admin mode called "Administrators" and adding my user there.

Tool to see registered menu providers

On the route: /episerver/shell/debug/menu

I found this practical list:



And sometimes it can also be pretty useful to know exactly which versions of the various assemblies are loaded. Like you can see here:


It looks like this:




And finally we have classic listing of where the startup time was spent.


Very practical when optimizing for performance - although I must admit that everything running on .net 5 seems to be blazingly fast!

show time meters.PNG

There is also another view for showing StructureMap services - but since it's not the default DI anymore I am not sure how useful it is.

Granted, it's not the full DeveloperTools which I'm looking forward to being released for CMS 12 - but it's a starting point. 

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