Heading to Helsinki Dev Meetup

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Thursday, November 8th I'm really excited to once again have been invited to join the Episerver Developer Meetup in Helsinki!

My wife looks concerned at me when I tell her that I'm going to HEL(L) and back on thursday - but really, the only thing she should be concerned with, is how my humor has started to deteriorate to a point where it's mostly dad jokes (wait) that are left. Cause I have been lucky enough to go to Helsinki quite a few times over the last few years and hanging out talking with developers are fun, no matter where in the world you are.

So, when @epipetri asked if I was up for doing another developer talk, I wasn't hard to persuade.

Mysteriously, I've heard rumors that my 1 speaking slot has turned into multiple - but don't worry; EMVP @koodihahmo will also be there, so you might still learn something useful if you decide to join us (which you should!).

As per usual I always feel that 1 line of code beats 10 powerpoint slides, and if we multiple that up, I'll have the equivalent of 10.000 powerpoints to show you guys!

So - if you are in the area, circle the date, register for the event and let's have some fun on thursday. Be there or be #.

(ok, blog post is over now, you can switch back to the tab with the dad jokes now).

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