Episerver Forms: Adding custom validators to existing elements

It's easy to extend Episerver forms with custom validation types. But it's a little bit harder to add the new validation types to the existing elements. In this blog post I'll add an ultra simple letter-only validation option to the existing TextboxElement.

I got this request from a customer yesterday, and I figured more could probably benefit from this approach.

Challenge: Add a number of custom form input validation options to existing form elements.

Now, Episerver Forms is very extendable. And it is quite easy to add your own validation - you simply have to create something that inherits ElementsValidatorBase or one of it's descendents. But in order to attach it to a form element type, the typical approach is to create a new element type.
There are numerous examples of this - and Episerver offers one as well: https://world.episerver.com/documentation/developer-guides/forms/creating-form-element-with-validator/.

However, what if you are perfectly happy with the built-in types, and simply want to extend it with another validation type - but you can't since it's already locked down by the [AvailableValidatorTypes] attribute (as most of the built-in are)?

Sure, you could inherit the class and make a minimalistic new type, but soon you'll get buried in a lot of elements - and getting the editors to pick the right one might not be easy. Of course there are hacks to hide the built-in elements (https://world.episerver.com/forum/developer-forum/episerver-forms/thread-container/2018/7/hiding-standard-formcontainerblock/) but I prefer this approach.

It's pretty straight forward. The IValidationService is in charge of getting the validators, and in the example below, I extend it with a dictionary of additional validators that'll get added after the regular logic.

The example validator I have added is a very simple LettersOnly validator for the textbox element - but it could have been any kind of validator.

The only code not included in the Gist here is the language text for UI display. 


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