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As a little experiment I just launched a basic annotation service, that let's you put comments on screenshots of a web page in order to collaborate during creation.

Since I started as a freelancer, I have started multiple 'skunk works' projects. One of them is a series of web services that helps you enrich and/or convert content, and an aspect of that is a service that converts web pages to images and/or pdfs. In fact - my frequent readers might already have noticed the new "PDF" feature on every blog post, allowing you to save the blog post as a pdf.


Shortly after having put that service online I was in a situation where I was reviewing a web page made by someone else, and I wanted to share some quick comments. Comments like "You should probably replace that image" and "fix this spelling mistake" - and then it occurred to me that it might be pretty useful to many people with a service that let you easily annotate and share a screengrab of any url.

Since the tricky parts where already done in the services I had just launched I simply put together a quick little website for the service and bought a domain name - and here you have it in an early beta.

Copy in a url. Annotate directly on the screenshot. Share the url with your comments.

It's that simple. For now, the shared urls and comments are stored for 7 days since last edit.

Here is a simple example from my blog:


And another comment:


Annotations are also aggregated in the right-hand overlay.

Future plans:

  • Support for User names / log-in
  • Dynamic updates (multiple people annotating at the same time)
  • Embedding support
  • Add-on for Episerver with embedded solution that let's you share, annotate and receive comments on unpublished content
  • Download of PDF with screenshot and all annotations


Feel free to try it our yourself!

Please share any feedback and comments!


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