Enrich Episerver Forms with additional system fields

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Episerver forms adds a couple of system columns to each form submission when you export the submissions. But it happens that the people that need the form submission reports want additional data - for example the url of the page the form was on - and for some reason they don't know all Episerver page Guids by heart.

This is just a quick practical hint. I needed to add some additional system fields to a form, that will be included when you export the form. The system already adds the content id of the page the submitting form is on - but it can be practical to include the page title and the url of the page, in case you are using the same form on multiple pages.

Luckily it's easy to do using an Actor. An actor is a class that is called whenever a form has been submitted. As you can see it's pretty straight forward - and since we already have the page context, all we need to do is lookup the content reference and enrich the dataset with additional data.

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