Digizuite is a Digital Asset Management company, also known as DAM, and they deliver optimal solutions for handling and distributing marketing media files. They wanted to add a new and unique product to their customer's Episerver users and were looking for the right company to help them develop it.

CodeArt has extensive knowledge about Episerver and was a great match for Digizuite. The first big project was to get DAM working completely integrated with Episerver. CodeArt has been the architect behind the world’s biggest products for integration between DAM systems and Episerver websites. It turned out to be a great success.

“We needed something new and unique, that no one had seen before, and CodeArt had all the right skills. They have helped us create a solution that melds seamlessly into Episerver and has a massive competitive advantage,” says Kim Wolters, CEO of Digitzuite. He is more than satisfied with the result, which allows Episerver users to use images, files, documents and videos from DAM as if they were stored directly in Episerver.

Creative solutions for the end user

It takes creativity and understanding of the end user to create and develop new and unique solutions. These skills were highly necessary in the collaboration between CodeArt and Digizuite.

“To come up with a unique solution demands an in-depth understanding about the problem and the users. CodeArt was really good at getting into the process and engaging the designers as well as the developers, so more advanced functionality and personality could be created,” says Kim Wolters.

CodeArt is not a one-size-fits-all company, where the customer needs to fit into certain services or solutions. CodeArt creates individual products and services and creativity is always a keyword in the development.

Common values

Close contact is essential when a big project with very specific functions needs to be developed. Kim Wolters explains that the smooth communication with CodeArt was one of big advantages in the collaboration. In addition, Kim Wolters mentions another important factor in the collaboration: “We share the same values and creating quality solutions is highly important for us as well as CodeArt. Passion is also important and we noticed CodeArt is a super engaged and passionate partner.”

It has been important for CodeArt and Digizuite to be able to create a long term relation, so the development of the integration would continue. Digizuite has taken over a lot of the maintenance themselves, but CodeArt continues to help with consultation and the development of documentation about the maintenance of the integration.

Allan Thraen

Founder and CEO. Software Architect. Developer. Optimizely Expert, OMVP.
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