NTI x CodeArt: Elegant cooperation with day-to-day solutions

NTI was looking for someone to help out with the daily challenges in their online presence and create crisp and easy solutions. With CodeArt as a new player on the team, they now have someone to solve their online problems quickly and smoothly.

"We were looking for a collaboration partner that would be committed and where we felt there was a great deal of day-to-day solutions,” the Chief Marketing Officer at NTI, Henriette Tamasauskas, explains.

NTI is a leading company within digital solutions targeted at the construction industry. They are dependent on being able to adjust their digital solutions quickly to make employees as well as customers happy. Because of this need they were looking for someone to collaborate with to help them create the absolute best solution.

By coincidence Henriette was sitting next to Allan Thraen from CodeArt at an informal Episerver event. He was explaining what CodeArt could offer within Episerver solutions – this was fitting exactly what NTI was looking for and this conversation marked the beginning of the collaboration between NTI and CodeArt.  

Putting words into action

As CodeArt steps in, the focus is on changing the smaller things that are needed. It is important to quickly change smaller issues to make everything run smoothly, and with CodeArt in the front seat the boxes on the to-do list slowly get ticked off.

"It's all very elegant. The collaboration with CodeArt is flexible and agile, and we now have someone we can have a bit of ping-pong with, who has a lot of different solutions and explains the benefits of the different ones,” says Johan Schlüter, webmaster at NTI, who deals with a lot of the daily online work for the company.

When Johan is able to quickly make changes to the website, his colleagues at NTI, who works from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands and Germany, will be able to do their part of the job properly.

“When we can deliver faster solutions, they will be happy at the offices around the world. So the new constellation with CodeArt makes everyday life easier", Johan emphasises.

An extension of the team

The freedom to be able to change even small things on a day-to-day basis is just one of the great benefits NTI has experienced after starting the collaboration with CodeArt.

"It feels like we have a part-time employee", says Henriette and continues: "CodeArt is part of the team and is committed and takes responsibility.”

Rather than having an external company far away from everyday life, NTI now has the experience that they have a partner who is completely on their side and is just as committed as an employee.

“Allan from CodeArt acts quickly. It definitely gives a feeling that he is an extra part of our team," says Johan.



Allan Thraen

Founder and CEO. Software Architect. Developer. Optimizely Expert, OMVP.
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