Admin Mode Plugin to Manage Content Type Suggestions

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If you have a site with a lot of different content types, it can be a good idea to help Episervers Automatic Content Type suggestion feature along. Here is a basic Admin mode tool - in good old webforms (yes, I washed my hands after I made it) that will let administrators / and super-editors configure exactly which content types to suggest when.

As often before, I was inspired by EMVP Alf Nilsson, who wrote a great post with examples on how to extend the suggestions as a developer. But it occurred to me, that many editors I know would love the opportunity to pimp their edit-mode by customizing the content type suggestions!

If I look at this very blog, for example, I have  in the past described how it's structured - but that structure also means that by default Episerver won't suggest a "blog post" when I create a new item on the Blog Root. Until now, that is. Or - when I'm working on a new blog post and start to add blocks I usually prefer Code block, Html Embed blocks or a Quote block - which I now also can have suggested right at the top, as you can see in the top image (also notice the nice fontawesome icons thanks to GETA).

For the admin mode plugin the easiest approach was to do an oldfashioned ASPX page - so that's what I did. This is what it looks like:



I embedded the Gist below.

If you think this could be useful in the nuget feed, be sure to drop a comment below and let me know!


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