New Open Source Package: CodeArt.MatomoTracking

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As Google Analytics have gotten harder and harder to use due to GDPR, legal and privacy concerns I have turned more and more to Matomo. I recently completed v.1 of a new open source tracking integration.

Matomo is a great open source analytics tool (and Google Analytics alternative) which I have found to work very well - and at the same time mitigate many of the GDPR / PII concerns that many european companies have to worry about these days. 

For example it can fairly easily be self-hosted - and the entire architecture is thought through with privacy first - while still giving usable, actionable insights. But I digress. 

Matomo (formely known as Piwik) has a tons of cool features - but sadly the official .NET API is a bit outdated - with a last update in 2017. For most usecases it's not a big deal as most of the webbased tracking typically will be done through the javascript API - but sometimes you want to track other things - like actions in an app or server side actions.

Long story short I needed a new SDK to easily call the tracking API, so I made one - and when it's done - why not make it open source and share it with the world? 

The repository can be found here:

It can also be installed through nuget:

dotnet add package CodeArt.MatomoTracking

The package is implemented on .NET Standard 2.1 and can be installed through dependency injection as a matomo tracking service.

Future plans include:

  • Support for generating Javascript code.
  • An SDK for the Matomo Reporting API
  • Integration to Optimizely Content Cloud (and potentially other CMSs)


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