Christmas Countdown: #6 "We LOVE content models - We have _all_ of them!"

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The above statement is almost as scary as this: "Content Modelling - is that really needed? We just have one!"

The 2023 Christmas Countdown: 12 Common Pitfalls in Optimizely CMS - and how to avoid them

This blogpost is part of the 2023 Christmas Countdown series where I each day for the last 12 days before Christmas go through my Top 12 list of the most common and dangerous pitfalls I typically see in Optimizely (EPiServer) CMS 12 Implementations. If you want to learn more and perhaps have your own site evaluated feel free to reach out to us here at CodeArt.
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Content modelling is hard to get right. As in very hard. And that is why one of the first thing I typically look at when I evaluate a CMS implementation is how the content models look.



"The minimalist"







"The hoarder"






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