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Since I spent 7 years working in the development team at Mondosoft (back then a leading site search vendor) I've been interested in search, search engines and all the ways you could use them. Search (when done right) is one of the areas where the algorithms almost becomes magical, and provides you with just the right answers to your queries.

When I was first introduced to Truffler, the search engine that after an aquisition became Episerver Find,  it was very close to love at first sight. Extremely powerful, versatile and with an awesome API. Not to mention scaling beyond belief! Episerver Find is based on ElasticSearch, which I lately have grown quite fond of using directly as well!

Together with Mark van Dijk, I built the Qjet demo site (based on previous work by Joel Abrahamsson) to showcase Episerver CMS, with some advanced personalization as well as a lot of Find queries throughout the site. Unfortunately, the site is not live any more - but reach out to your nearest Episerver Sales person, and I'm sure they'll be happy to show it.


Relevant Blog Posts


Publicwww - searching for interesting Episerver CMS use patterns

I recently discovered a cool service that lets you search for any text in the html/css/js of all it's 550 million (2019-05-09) indexed web pages, including the cookies sent out and the http header. In this post I put my Episerver goggles on and had some fun with this data.


Auto Tagging Using Search

You don't always have to go the full AI route to get AI like results. In this blog post I'll describe an approach I've used several times (and for multiple purposes) with pretty decent results. Instead of classification algorithms, deep learning or neural networks I'll just simply query my favorite search engine.