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Welcome to my new blog and my new company, CodeArt

For more than a decade I have enjoyed writing technical blog posts in several places. The last many years I've mostly been blogging on Episerver World. It has been great, but I've limited myself to Episerver related content - and honestly - over the last few years I've had too little time to follow through on my own ambitions when it comes to technical blogs.

It seems like the right time to move my blog out on it's own once again - and so I've done.

But naturally I couldn't just go back to any blog platform. Not that there's anything wrong with Blogger or Wordpress or any of the other blogging tools out there - but I really felt like I wanted more control.

And after spending so many years at Episerver - what could be more natural than basing my blog on Episerver itself.

This of course meant building it - more or less - from scratch and so I've done. It's still far from complete, but I aim to constantly improve it and keep adding features.
It's also my intention to share how I've done it - and discuss many of various design patterns used as I go along. I'm also strongly considering to open source the source code itself.

Those that know me well, will know that beautiful visual design is not among my talents. So - instead I picked this theme from Bootstrap Temple. It seems pretty clean, yet still usable to me.

The license is generously sponsored by - you guessed it -  Episerver.

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