A collection of old blog posts I wrote, from multiple sources.

I'm not a hoarder - trust me, I'm not (in spite of what my wife might say). But I'll admit to having a hard time throwing stuff out that I spent time making. Not so much the physical things (I've always been all thumbs, so I've never really made anything that impressive with my hands) but more the intellectual property. I still have boxes full in the basement of essays I wrote in the 4th grade - and most likely never will read again. But throwing it out seems wrong. I guess the same goes for blog posts and code snippets...


Over the years I have blogged in many different places.

I started out blogging on Later, I joined Episerver, and began blogging on the site - a site that has since been retired.

The last many years I've mainly been blogging directly on Episerver World.

Here, I have tried to get links to as many of my old blog posts as possible - but keep in mind that many of them are fairly outdated.


Archived Blog Posts

From Episerver Labs and AllanTech Blog